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Learn the Night Sky

Whether you are an experienced amateur or newcomer to astronomy, you may want to learn your way around the night sky.  There are several ways to do this, of course. My favorite is to focus on the brightest stars and asterisms – simple patterns of stars – as they appear in the eastern sky after sunset. You can then follow these same stars for several months as they cross the sky.

To that end I’ve created a web site for those wishing to learn the sky this way. It’s called “Prime  Time: Your Journey Through the Astronomical Year,” and you’ll find it here.

Each month I update this site with three posts headed:


  • Look East
  • Look North
  • Events


These appear in the right hand column and give you a guide to the stars and bright planets for that month as they appear about an hour after sunset. If you want to learn more than one month of stars at a time, wait a couple of hours, then look at the charts for the next month.The events post deals with phenomena such as meteor showers , planets, comets. and asteroids – anything special and timely that can be seen with the naked eye or binoculars int he night sky.

There’s other basic information about astronomy there as well. Hope you find it helpful.

Greg Stone

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