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Star Splitters on ‘At the Eyepiece’ – BlogTalkRadio

Hey, we were on the radio – sort of! It’s called “blogtalkradio” and  it was recorded, so you can hear it any time by simply going here. (You’ll see it listed in the menu of shows in a box to the lower right on that page.)  The show is called  “At the Eyepiece”   and it’s hosted by a wonderful amateur astronomer, John Kramer.

2 Responses

  1. John and Greg,

    Really enjoyed the show! Nice, casual atmosphere and good discussion on the merits of refractors. Also enjoyed hearing about your astronomy backgrounds and the evolution of your interests.


  2. Just listened & agree wholeheartedly about the problem of changing Theta & Rho on many close binaries. I’ve heard that the app SkySafari has some more up-to-date measurements. The problem is simply numbers; far more “neglected” doubles than time or observers to measure them. I sometimes have two or more “lits.” that my measurements fall somewhere in between. or close to So, I keep observing & logging what I see in MY eyepiece. I post my logs/sketches on a Yahoo group called “Double Star Imaging.”

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